Codfish creamed with buffalo mozzarella


Recipe by Chef Luca Pieroni


Ingredients for 4 people


1 Stoccafisso mustache, “spider” quality
1 Tenuta Agrilat Bufala Mozzarella 250 gr
Paccasassi in oil
Anchovies in oil
2 egg whites



Rinse the stockfish under running water to completely desalinate it and cut it into pieces.
Cook it in water with celery, carrot and onion for 30 minutes, then drain it and let it cool.
In a planetary mixer, add the stockfish and mix with 250 grams of buffalo mozzarella.
Separately, prepare a cracker by blending 40g of well-drained anchovies with two egg whites, salt and pepper.
Spread the mixture on a sheet of baking paper, cover it with a second and bake at 90 ° for 25 minutes.
Help yourself with a steel ring to serve the cod, then garnish with a bit of anchovy crackers, paccasassi in oil and chopped peanuts.