Cheesecake with pumpkin


Recipe by Chef @Luca Pieroni


Ingredients for 4 people


2 packs of Tenuta Agrilat Bufala Ricotta
20 cl of fresh cream
1 Mantuan pumpkin
20 gr Tenuta Agrilat Bufala Butter
Amaretti biscuits



Clean the Mantuan pumpkin (removing seeds and peel), cut it and put it in the pan with the buffalo butter, cover with a lid and cook until it reaches a soft consistency.
When cooked, blend the pumpkin into a cream and let the mixture cool.
Separately, whip the cream in a planetary mixer, adding ricotta, sugar and mix slowly.
To serve, arrange the glass alternating between the pumpkin cream and the ricotta cream, garnish with the crumbled macaroons.