Pane Biscottato Cilentano


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The toasted bread is a typical artisan product of Cilento of the most ancient peasant tradition. The toasted bread or “viscuotto Cilentano” is a durum wheat and whole wheat bread that is baked in a wood oven twice at low temperature, this allows for a long-life artisan bread. It is rich in fiber, and has a high satiating power.

Instructions for consumption: pour plenty of water and consume in a short time.

Suggestions for consumption: season with oil, salt and vegetables (fresh, in oil and cooked) to taste; accompany it with meats and cheeses.
Tips: Cilentano toasted bread is ideal for making “aquasale”, a typical, practical and genuine Cilento recipe. Just dip the fresella in water for a few seconds, and stuff with fresh tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, oregano and salt. It is possible to enrich the dish with our tasty preserves in oil.



Ingredients: soft wheat flour, type 00; corn flour; whole wheat flour; cooking salt; brewer’s yeast, compressed; water.

Nutritional values ​​per 100gr of product:
Energy kj 1295.93 / Kcal 378.73

Fats: 4.05g of which saturated fatty acids 0.60g
Carbohydrates: 71.97g of which sugars 0.42g
Dietary Fiber: 5.50g
Protein: 12.10g
Salt: 1.45g

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Pane Biscottato Cilentano