PDO buffalo mozzarella of Campania

All the flavor of Agrilat buffalo mozzarella in small and round porcelain “bites”. Once cut, the bites present a typical leakage of buffalo milk, a thing that guarantees quality and freshness of the product.

zizza agrilat

of buffalo milk (from 1 kg up to 5 kg)

Beautiful to see and especially to eat. The Agrilat zizza is a bigger buffalo mozzarella that fully respects our craftsmanship.


PDO buffalo milk (from 250 gr. up to 5 kg.)

It is one of our most popular products. We weave the mozzarella with all the passion we put into our products for more than ten years. It is white as porcelain, the flavor is delicate and the crust is thin. Once cut, it presents a typical white consistency and an aroma of milk enzymes.


PDO smoked buffalo mozzarella of Campania

We smoke our cheeses in an artisan way. We only use organic and selected straw that produces an intense aroma, and an amber and uneven color.

fresh ricotta

of buffalo milk

Soft, velvety, creamy, with a sweet taste. To make ricotta we start from the whey, but the magic of the flavor is all in our recipe.

aged ricotta

of buffalo milk

A ricotta that differs from the fresh one because it is drier and its flavor and consistency are more pronounced. The aging is totally natural, respecting the times of the ricotta. The ricotta decides itself when it can be enjoyed.

fresh cheese

of buffalo milk

In our fresh cheese there is the full body of the buffalo milk. To provide healthy and tasty products we take care of the manufacturing process at every stage, from the selection of ingredients to the craft processing techniques.

aged cheese

Maturation, salting and rest are the three main stages of aging in which we concentrate our work to produce good cheeses with better organoleptic and nutritional properties. We take care of the cheeses and we let them age for long time to enjoy them in all their flavor.

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